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when he took it upon himself to start playing his mother’s piano and his father’s drumset in the basement of his family home in Philadelphia, and had his molecular structure permanently rearranged by the vibration of a tom-tom. Over sixty recordings, countless live performances, and six GRAMMY® Nominations later, Will is still entranced by the pleasures of instruments that are rubbed, shaken, and struck to produce sound. Will’s Planet of Percussion program shares this joy with audiences of all ages in a hands-on high-energy experience, as participants learn to play individual rhythms on multi-cultural world music instruments, integrate them into a complex polyrhythm, and perform an improvised composition as the Planetary Players Percussion Ensemble. With over one hundred indigenous instruments in his pan-global percussive palette, Will is perpetually in search of the perfect groove, a quest best exemplified by his solo Canyon Records album Pathfinder, a GRAMMY® Nominee for Best New Age Album.

Planet of Percussion is available as:

  • a live concert performance
  • a self-realization retreat
  • a corporate team-building event
  • a full-length artist-in-residency
  • a hands-on master class
  • a personal self-enrichment
  • a multiple CD set






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