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Will’s exploration of the mythic realm of maskmaking began in the form of an impromptu apprenticeship with master maskmaker Zarco Guerrero in the White Mountains of northern Arizona, and has evolved into an interdisciplinary performance and workshop that integrates Will’s original mask art, mythopoetic storytelling, and world music. Will has developed a trademark technique for plaster bandage Lifecasting, based on The Golden Mean of the Sacred Geometry of the Face, which results in an exact replica of the model’s facial features, in a process that is healing, meditative, and pleasurable.

This tabula rasa template is then painted and embellished with 3D objects collected in an individual Artistic Treasure Hunt based on imagery generated in a guided creative writing exercise called The Mythic Persona Poem. The result is a wearable mask and a performable mythopoetic story that bring to life the unique inner Mythic Persona of the creator.

Myths & Masks is available as:

  • a live concert performance
  • a self-realization retreat
  • a corporate team-building event
  • a full-length artist-in-residency
  • a hands-on master class
  • a personal self-enrichment
  • a 2-disc DVD set


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