2020 Vision: Your August A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~ High summer in the northern Sonoran Desert: heat and stillness roiled by sudden violent microbursts of wind and torrential monsoon thunderstorms; a season perfectly suited to lucid dreaming and the solitary quietude of poetry, both of which your humble narrator has had ample time to indulge. Your August A 440 Newsletter is a shady glade wherein cool creative refuge awaits. Sonic Meditation Zoom in tomorrow evening to the mysterious, mystical and magical musical atmosphere of the The TANK for this week's Sonic Meditation Intensive with R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman. *Scroll through this e-blast and treat [...]

2020 Vision: Your June A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~ I trust this finds you all in good health and spirits, as is your humble correspondent. This is a time of new beginnings, of adapting to a changed world and continuing to pursue our passions in creative new ways. So, while the booking dominoes have continued to fall as far out as September, other events closer in are moving forward mindfully, responsibly and considerately. In the spirit of keeping in touch with all the good news that's fit to print (and with apologies for it being just a tad late due to yours truly having been out [...]

2020 Vision: Your May A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~ What was to have been a full March and April here in Willyworld suddenly turned eerily empty. I know this has been true for many of you as well. I'm staying creatively engaged; cultivating constant gratitude for my blessings; getting outside as much as possible to revel in nature's remarkable resurgence; emulating the many acts of courage, compassion and clarity that are happening all around us every day; behaving rationally and responsibly without withdrawing into resignation and isolation; envisioning and working toward a hopeful and productive future; and keeping my sense of humor. By way of staying [...]

2020 Vision: Your March-April A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~ Having that extra day in February didn't get me any closer to getting everything done last month, but it did provide an opportunity to share some scintillating new music with a live audience for the first time, and to successfully conclude the latest installment of my all-time longest-running Artist-in-Residency. I'll be out of the country at the next turn of the month, so with a glance over my shoulder while gazing down the river and around the bend, I offer this combined March-April A 440 Newsletter for your enjoyment! Vibe Tribe My new worldbeat dance band Vibe [...]

2020 Vision: Your February A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~ The first quarter of 2020 continues to trend from stage to classroom (the ultimate stage, where our future is dreamed into being) in a month punctuated with an exclamation point by one giant Leap Year leap into performance mode. Enjoy this short and sweet February issue of your A 440 Newsletter! Myths & Masks From Tuesday February 18th through Friday February 28th I will conduct my 24th annual Myths & Masks Artist-in-Residency at Cheyenne Traditional School in Scottsdale AZ, celebrating nearly a quarter-century of tradition and innovation in arts education with a new crop of budding fourth [...]

2020 Vision: Your January A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~ Welcome to the new year! I'd love to hear what you're up to this month; meanwhile, please enjoy some retrospective reflections and some upcoming highlights from Willyworld in this January issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Profound Fun My Rhizome Renaissance Redwood Retreat, as I've taken to calling it, was a deeply connective and immensely enjoyable way to close out 2019; as one of the participants in my Myths & Masks workshop put it to me: you put the fun in profundity! Many thanks to the team at Canyon Ranch Wellness Retreat in Woodside, California for hosting [...]

Winter Wonders

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Greetings, One & All~ For many Decembers in recent memory, I have been booked nearly every day and night of the month, and gratefully so. This December, however, I have intentionally booked only one very special engagement, as detailed below in this brief final issue of your 2019 A 440 Newsletter. Beyond that, I'll immerse myself in the daily wonders of home, relationship, family, friends, music, art and nature as this year comes to a close. May your winter solstice holidays be peaceful and joyous, and may our vision be 2020 in the coming new year! Woodside Wonders Early December will [...]

A Noteworthy November

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Greetings, One & All~ Having spent a good bit of October on the road, in the air, over the ocean, in hotels and in airports, it's good to be back in Arizona and working closer to home for a spell. This noteworthy November starts immediately on Day One, so read on now for all the good news this month (and a transformational glimpse ahead into early December) in this issue of your A 440 Newsletter! RCNQ Aloha The R. Carlos Nakai Quartet delivered and received much aloha in Hawaii last month, as exemplified in this photo-and-video enhanced review. Mahalo to all [...]

October Gold

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Greetings, One & All~ I'm grateful for the golden glow of October in the Sonoran Desert as the early morning air grows cool, the midday sky turns pure azure, and the midnight stars become glittering gemstones set in obsidian. After a long, hot summer and a drier-than-average monsoon season, I'm also grateful for the unusually abundant early autumn rain we've received as two Pacific storms have passed through The Old Pueblo. And as always, I'm grateful to have good news to share with you in this October issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Enjoy! Being Heard The R. Carlos Nakai Trio [...]

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