As Autumn Approaches: Your September 2022 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~Your September A 440 Newsletter arrives early, as this month's adventures begin on Day One and your peripatetic poetic percussionist will be on the road before, during and after our customary first-of-the-month rendezvous. As the Sonoran Desert emerges from the summer monsoon season and begins ever so gradually to dry out and cool down as the autumnal equinox approaches, your humble narrator has an abundance of creative good news and natural beauty to share. Enjoy, be well and be in touch!Passion, Purpose & Personal PowerI'm delighted and excited to return to the redwood rhizome of coastal California for [...]

Monsoon Tidings: Your August 2022 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~We're finally getting some measurable precipitation here in the Sonoran Desert after what had been up until recently a non-soon instead of our typically thunderous and rain-rich monsoon season, and all desert creatures (including yours truly) are truly grateful. . . and shaking the rainstick for more! There's a commensurate deluge of good tidings in this August issue of your A 440 Newsletter, so kick off your shoes and splash around in all the cool news!Starlight ScribeHer motto "Exploring the Source of Inspiration" says all you need to know about my long-time friend and colleague Shea Stanfield and [...]

Grace Notes: Your July 2022 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~The monsoon season in the Sonoran Desert has begun, bringing the promise of life-giving rain to nurture and sustain all living things, just as the July 2022 issue of your A 440 Newsletter arrives with the promise of on-going creativity to nurture and sustain the spirit. Enjoy all the good news and be in touch!Grace NotesI'm honored to have had a small part in the middle movement of the expansive classical trilogy From Graceful Fields, just released on Canyon Records. The recording of the R. Carlos Nakai composition Passages marked the studio reunification of the classic Nakai Trio, [...]

Sizzling Summer Solstice: Your June 2022 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~The summer and winter solstices have always been my favorite times of the year here at Rancho Improvisoso, as the extremities of light at those celestial turning points brilliantly define the stark beauty of my beloved Sonoran Desert at its seasonal peaks. I trust some of that clarity is reflected in the June 2022 issue of your A 440 Newsletter, along with all the good news and cool announcements, and of course your Photos of the Month and Poem of the Month. Be well and be in touch!Indigo SummerI can't think of a cooler way to spend the [...]

What May Be: Your May 2022 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~May always feels like a month of possibility, as the connotations of the word itself commingle with the Spring awakening of our Sonoran Desert flora and fauna here at Rancho Improvisoso: the mesquite and palo verde trees explode with leaf and blossom almost overnight, and in their dappled shade the winter sleepers begin to stir, as you'll see in the Photos of the Month toward the end of your May 2022 A 440 Newsletter. Enjoy all the good news in between and don't miss the Serious Fun that awaits within!Serious FunI met musician, poet, psychologist and sound healer [...]

Seasonal Shift: Your April A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~What a wild seasonal shift here at Rancho Improvisoso: from the arrival of a great horned owl family, to a freezing late-March hailstorm, to rescuing a giant Sonoran Desert toad from our pool, it's been an memorable early Spring. As befits the April 1st new moon, energy is shifting in creative ways here in Willyworld as well, highlights of which you'll discover in this month's issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Be well and be in touch!Luminous DepthsLuminous Depths, the first single from the four-song EP Ubiquity by Evenfall, is out from Heart Dance Records, featuring yours truly [...]

Multifarious Manifestations: Your March 2022 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~As winter wanes and spring approaches, the new moon offers us an empty vessel to replenish with our best intention and effort; so with best wishes for peace and prosperity to all, I offer a bit of good news in the form of your March 2020 A 440 Newsletter. Be well and be in touch!Trinity TrioR. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton & Will Clipman continue their spiral journey at the edge of sound with a live concert at Trinity Cathedral in Phoenix AZ on Sunday March 6th at 4 PM, performing improvisational motifs from their forthcoming Canyon Records album.reservations [...]

Equipoise: Your February 2022 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~Equipoised between the Full Wolf Moon and the Full Snow Moon, your February A 440 Newsletter rings out to you with the clarity of its namesake perfect musical note at this time of contemplation and restoration. I trust you'll enjoy these February fables from Willyworld, and that the depth of winter finds you in good health and spirits. Be well and be in touch!Wolves and MoonFull Moon images courtesy of The Old Farmer's Almanac; all rights reserved to TOFARhythmic RetreatOn Friday February 4th at 7 PM, your peripatetic pan-global percussionist will provide intimate musical atmosphere for the meet [...]

A Fresh Start: Your January 2022 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~The first new moon of the new year bestows upon us the gift of an empty vessel: an opportunity to renew, restore and replenish. I'm all in, as you'll note with a few glimpses at what's to come in this first issue of your 2022 A 440 Newsletter. The future starts now! Amber & WillFolk-rock goddess and Unity in the Valley Musical Director Amber Norgaard invited me to accompany her in her morning service on Sunday January 2nd, and naturally I said YES. Those of you who have frequented Willyworld for a while will remember yours truly playing [...]

Cool, Calm & Connected: Your November 2021 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~A sliver of waning crescent moon rose an hour ahead of the sun on this cool and calm first day of November in Northern Sonora: a harbinger of the fragile yet durable beauty available in this eleventh month of the year 2021, if we but see it clearly and gently seize it. Here's a bit more on that score in this issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Be well and be in touch!Rhythmic HealingI neglected to articulate with crystal clarity in my October newsletter that my Rhythmic Healing retreat at the Redemptorist Renewal Center tonight is a private [...]

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