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June will find me on the road again, so I trust you’ll forgive my sending out your A 440 Newsletter a few days early. It will be a full and varied month here in Willyworld, which of course is also your world–wherever in the world you are!


On Saturday June 1st at 8 PM I’ll be in concert with Coyote Jump at Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland CA. This will be our final performance with Native American flutist John-Carlos Perea, so we hope you’ll be there in flesh or in spirit to celebrate his presence and experience this incarnation of Coyote Jump one last time.

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On Saturday June 8th at 8 PM I’ll be in concert with the new Coyote Jump trio, featuring multi-instrumentalist and composer Colin Farish and violinist Savannah Jo Lack, at Willits Community Theatre in Willits CA. We’ll be expanding exponentially and experimentally into this exciting new sonic atmosphere, so buckle up and expect the unexpected.

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On Tuesday June 25th at 11:30 AM I’ll be in concert with Duo Sonora: Gabriel Ayala & Will Clipman at Arizona Senior Academy in Vail AZ. This is our only remaining scheduled event in 2013, so don’t miss this free matinee–but please do call ahead for reservations, as preferential seating is given to ASA residents.

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On Friday June 7th at 7 PM I’ll present my Planet of Percussion world rhythm workshop at Idle Pirates’ Gallery in San Francisco CA.

Directions & RSVP at the click-on links below:

Planet of Percussion: Becoming One with Your Inner Drum

Led by six-time GRAMMY® Nominee Will Clipman with very special guest facilitators (and Will’s Coyote Jump bandmates) Colin Farish and Savannah Jo Lack, this workshop explores the subtle dynamics, polyrhythmic possibilities, and harmonic and melodic nuances of pan-global percussion in a creatively adventurous and communally encouraging atmosphere. Participants are invited to bring a favorite drum and/or other percussion instrument. Building on body percussion and vocalization, then working through individual rhythmic patterns to an orchestrated ensemble composition, Becoming One with Your Inner Drum is centered in the concept that you are your own most wonderful instrument. We’ll master the fine art of holding the heartbeat as we lay down deep, earthy grooves for one another to solo over. Open to participants of all ages and skill levels, this workshop is light on rules and heavy on fun, with an emphasis on in-the-moment inspiration and free-spirited improvisation.

Cost: $50

Date & Time: Friday June 7th, 2013; 7-9 PM

Venue: Idle Pirates’ Gallery, 372 Brannan St San Francisco

Please RSVP to Savannah by June 6th

Bring: your favorite drum and/or percussion instrument!

On Saturday June 8th at 1 PM I’ll present Planet of Percussion at Willits Community Theatre in Willits CA–what a great way to warm up the space for the Coyote Jump concert later that evening!

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On Saturday June 1st at noon I’ll be taping a segment of the TV show Healing from the Ground Up with show host and producer Lori Greenleaf and contemporary shamanic psychologist Leslie Gray in San Raphael CA. I’m humbled and honored that the focus of this segment will be my Myths & Masks experience, with a provocative mix of performance, discussion and interview featuring my multicultural mask art, mythopoetic storytelling and world music.

more about Myths & Masks at

Awakening the Fire, the new Canyon Records CD by R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman, has been getting some stellar reviews lately.

Two of my favorites are by T.J. Nelson writing for World Music Central, the on-line bible of contemporary world music–we’ve been called a lot of things, but I believe this is the first reference to us as revered masters–yikes!

And this one by Angel St. John, writing for Angel’s Kiss, an on-line compendium of personal essays that focus on the spiritual significance of contemporary instrumental music–wow, did Angel ever get it!


I’d have to agree her when she writes An uplifting and inspirational album, I absolutely LOVE IT.


I just got my copy of the new CD Scenes from a Train by techno-ambient soundscapist Jeff Greinke, on which yours truly plays a variety of drums and percussion–it is truly brilliant, representing some of Jeff’s strongest work ever.

I got a special thrill out of being pictured in the liner notes right next to the album’s “other” drummer Michael Shrieve–yes, that Michael Shrieve, as in the original Santana drummer–whom I’ve admired and (unsuccessfully) emulated since turning pro at the age of fourteen–don’t pinch me!

Scenes from a Train also features the voice of Solvei, the leader of the new world music ensemble Solvei & ZumaSOL, with whom yours truly (not coincidentally) plays drums and percussion. . .

. . . small world in some ways. . . but in other ways limitless. . .
be well, be in touch and above all be!

To authenticate and validate one’s personal experience one must innovate rather than imitate. ~Guillaume Henri


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