Greetings, One & All~

As we in the northern hemisphere greet the earliest summer solstice in over two centuries, by the light of an extremely rare solstice full moon, on the hottest day of this year so far in the Old Pueblo at 111 degrees, there is much coolness to share with gratitude and generosity here in Willyworld. News of the wider world will find you as it always does, and needn’t be amplified or interpreted by this humble narrator; instead, enjoy a visit to the oasis of creativity you’ve come to know as your A 440 Newsletter.

Be well and be in touch!

Desert Streams

The breathtakingly brilliant new album Wait For Me by Will + Rob has been juried onto Desert Streams: a new streaming platform sponsored by Pima Library, featuring the next wave of Old Pueblo recording talent. You can listen to all nine songs by multi-instrumentalist Rob Paulus and pan-global percussionist Will Clipman (accompanied a stellar supporting cast of players and singers) and learn more about the project at:

Website Portal

And this just in from webmaster Chris Caspers at Nile Graphics: Wait For Me has been added to my personal website Music & Video purchase page for previewing, downloading and streaming! You can check it out (along with a catalog of my other recordings) with one click on the link below; and remember, if you (like me) still prefer to hold a physical CD in your hand, you can order one directly from yours truly with a reply to this email.

Soundbath + Concert

Looking ahead from the summer solstice to the autumn equinox, a sumptuous sonic sensation awaits you when Rob + Will present a morning soundbath and evening concert at Sea of Glass Center for the Arts on Saturday September 21st. We’ll be joined for this dynamic doubleheader by very special guest artist SOLVEI, who sang so beautifully on Wait For Me, and who will weave her soulful vocals with Rob’s scintillating strings and Will’s propulsive percussion to uplift and inspire all in these two live events.

Watch this space for more details and a ticketing link!

Morning Joy

The above-mentioned trio began their shared journey with the new SOLVEI album Connection, the latest single from which, Morning Joy, is now available for streaming and downloading worldwide. Our live performances will feature songs from Wait For Me and selections from Connection, creatively re-imagined from the magical realm of the recording studio to the improvisational immediacy of the concert stage. Pour yourself a hot mug of musical pleasure from the audio and video links below and savor the flavor of more good things to come!


Olduvai, the latest release from EclectiPhonics, is also now available for downloading and streaming worldwide. Comprised of guitar guru and multi-midi-instrumentalist Chris Screven and pan-global percussionist Will Clipman, EP takes its boundary-leaping sound into the realm of Afro-Celtic fusion on this new track, providing foot-stomping fun and thought-provoking imagery all in one irresistible package. Pack your bag and stamp your passport for musical terra incognita with the YouTube link and website URL below!

Silence and Space

Timeless takes time, as Guillaume Henri has sagely opined; Silence and Space, the long-awaited and much-anticipated Round Sound vinyl LP by R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman, is a classic illustration of that timeless truth. With the patient guidance of TANK Center for the Sonic Arts creative director Bruce Odland and promotional director James Paul, this epic recording is currently in the skilled hands of mastering engineer Jim Blackwood for final buffing and polishing toward a late 2024 release.

Watch this space for more details and ordering information!

Wisdom Tree

The William Eaton Ensemble will continue to branch out at Wisdom Tree Studios with more tracking for a long-awaited and much-anticipated new recording on July 12th-14th: WEE just had too much fun rediscovering our synergistic alchemy in our previous exploratory sessions back in April to stop now! Here are three views of my Wisdom Tree kit, served up on a sumptuous soundbed of homegrown Eatonia, to whet your appetite for our forthcoming world chamber fusion banquet.

Stages of Spring

As your peripatetic pan-global percussionist enjoys a brief summer hiatus from live performance to focus on the completion, distribution and promotion of the veritable plethora of recording projects outlined above, I’d like to share images from a pair of laudable late Spring concerts as a table-setter for my return to the footlights this fall:

the Sherbino Theater stage in Ridgway CO

preparing to enter, courtesy of Shery Christopher Photography

Will and RC Awakening the Fire, courtesy Shery Christopher Photography

Eagle Dancer sculpture with rain prism and Ute Mountain, Canyon of the Ancients

Star Tower and performance space, Canyon of the Ancients

Summer Photos

The portfolio of Rancho Improvisoso nature photos in your last A 440 Newsletter focused on our fabulous flora; this new selection zooms in on our fantastic fauna. Enjoy!

One of our resident bobcats enjoying a long cool drink outside the kitchen window

a thirsty mule deer making sure all is clear before dipping in

Las Tres Amigas enjoying the afternoon shade

antelope squirrel aerial aerobics

post-workout cheek-stuffing

a kestrel enjoying breakfast high in the Aleppo

one of our resident Cooper’s hawks savoring a shady respite

finch and squirrel meeting for brunch

re-defining the term “lounge lizard”

waking up from under the waterbowl

a feral parakeet enjoying fallen seed beneath the feeder

camouflaged quail chicks keeping close to dad

a redtailed hawk couple preparing to launch

a great horned owl welcoming us home at dusk

New Poem

Oasis of Peace

Halfway between the river and the sea

there is an oasis of peace:

some call it Wahat al-Salam;

others call it Neve Shalom.

It is improbable, even impossible.

Yet it exists. It is real.

Children there are taught

the stories of their people

in both languages, thereby

learning that in the beginning

there was only one universal language,

understood by one undivided people.

They make art together,

transforming bigotry and violence

into creativity and beauty.

They break bread together,

realizing that when any go hungry

none are truly nourished.

The night sky comes alive

with the terrible fireworks of war;

morning brings more dreadful news

of shrouded dead–and worse,

the death of hope itself.

But these citizens of no country

whose allegiance is to a shared land,

who believe in all gods and worship

none, who yearn toward goodness

and turn away from evil,

stay. They survive.

They do not demand certainty

from a world in which there is none.

They make things grow a day at a time

where nothing grew before,

continue to share their stories

in a way that all may hear.

Blessed be the peacemakers, then,

for they shall inherit the scorched earth

and make of it together what can be remade.

© Will Clipman 2024

~May you walk in beauty with a cool body this summer~

Be at peace. Be of service. Be one with all.

~Guillaume Henri

Will Clipman

poet ~ percussionist ~ maskmaker ~ storyteller ~ performing artist ~ educator