Greetings, One & All~

May always feels like a month of possibility to me. As you know, early Spring has been extraordinarily engaged and engaging here in Willyworld thus far; so my intention for all of us is that we may continue creating beauty and sharing the best of ourselves as the Summer Solstice grows nearer, and that we may approach the longest day of the solar year in balance and harmony. Enjoy both the timeliness and the timelessness of what may be in this new issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Be well and be in touch!

Jaguar Rising

On Saturday May 11th, beginning at 5 PM, I will contribute a live musical soundscape and both pre-recorded and live poetry to Jaguar Rising: a multi-media, participatory event at the Wittner Museum in Nogales AZ, designed to raise awareness about the impact of the border wall on wildlife. Among other featured presenters, I’ll be joined by internationally renowned author, ecologist and ethnobotanist Gary Paul Nabhan. Another highlight of the experience will be animated projections of the visionary nature art of Virginia Maria Romero. The convocation at the Museum will be followed by a masked procession to the border, where the eco-political art of Lauren Strohacker will be projected on the wall itself. The event will wrap up with a reception at La Linea Studio.

information and registration at

Will + Rob

The transformational new nine-song EP Wait For Me by Will + Rob is now available on Spotify via the link below, with other online platforms to follow and a collector’s item physical CD on the way. Accolades are pouring in for this daring and evocative music, which features acoustic bassist and violinist Rob Paulus and percussionist Will Clipman with very special guest artists SOLVEI, Liz Fletcher and Aria Ratcliff on voice, Matt Mitchell on acoustic guitar and Jason Carder on trumpet. Concert and sound bath bookings are in the works, so watch this space for updates!


A new Eclectiphonics single The Graceful Gadget dropped on May 1st. This is next-gen EclectiPhonics material, seamlessly weaving the multi-stringed midi-magic of principal composer, guitar guru and recording, mixing & mastering engineer Chris Screven with the impeccably captured acoustic vibe of co-composer and pan-global percussionist Will Clipman, recorded live right here in The Boom Boom Room at Rancho Improvisoso. This composition is a cinematic soundtrack waiting to happen: close your eyes and watch the movie playing on the inside of your eyelids as you listen; filmmakers, be in touch with your ideas for a major motion picture!

Chris also serves as our in-house webmaster, and has masterfully updated and upgraded both the EclectiPhonics and STC homepages to be leaner, cleaner and more easily accessible for you, including direct click-on links to his and my individual websites. As always, the URLs below are the main portals to original contemporary instrumental music of the highest order. Enjoy!

And following closely on the heels of The Graceful Gadget, the next EclectiPhonics single Olduvai is cued up for a June 1st release. Fans of the band Afro-Celt Sound System will hear the essence of that large ensemble world fusion sound distilled into the intimately spacious EP elixir you know and love.


Not to be outdone, STC is releasing one more single from its fabled treasure trove on May 15th, in between the two latest EclectiPhonics releases. The STC trio, comprised of the aforementioned Chris Screven and Will Clipman with bassist, flutist and co-composer Joe Townend, gave rise to the EclectiPhonics duo when Papa Joe decided to retire from the music business; so unless we can cajole PJ out of his pj’s, Santoor Dreams will likely be an STC swan song: a must-add to your contemporary instrumental playlist!

Nakai & Clipman

The never-ending Awakening the Fire tour will bring your intrepid global native fusioneers R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman back to one of their favorite stages, the historic Sherbino Theater in Ridgway CO, on Saturday June 8th. We never play the same show twice and are constantly re-imagining our improvisationally inspired repertoire, so this will be yet another one-of-a-kind conjuring of heretofore unheard music out of thin air, in the gorgeous high-altitude atmosphere of the Colorado Rockies.

tickets & info at

Nature Photos

Savoring Spring in the Sonoran Desert demands close attention; if one treads lightly and catches the right light, a subtle yet brilliant palette of colors reveals itself: an evening primrose, a flaming cholla, a magenta hedgehog and some desert marigolds caught my eye on recent strolls around Rancho Improvisoso. Enjoy!

New Poem

What One Owes the World

To tread lightly

and observe closely.

To pause one’s taking

long enough

to give as much back.

To grant the red-tailed hawk

guarding her nest

in the cellphone tower

her privacy.

At the end

of a preternaturally quiet day

when even the songbirds

seem reluctant

to make much music

and the deepest

of the big black windchimes

makes one’s jawbone sing,

to devote some time

to just sitting in the dark

and thinking.

Just when one thinks

one has seen

the absolute worst

of what one human being

will do to another

and then someone thinks up

something worse:


of quiet outrage;

a moment of tenderness

toward all existence;


however small

in the highest good of all.

© Will Clipman 2024

~May your May be filled with endless possibility~

Dream your life and live your dream.

~Guillaume Henri

Will Clipman

poet ~ percussionist ~ maskmaker ~ storyteller ~ performing artist ~ educator