Greetings, One & All~

Having sent one out every month for a decade, I’m taking this year off from my regular A 440 Newsletter; instead, I’ll share a more intuitive missive like this one now and again, when inspiration coincides with time and energy and there is simply too much beauty in Willyworld to keep to myself. I trust this new way of connecting will resonate with you. Be well and be in touch!

Nakai & Clipman

Viva Las Vegas! takes on a whole new meaning when R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman bring their never-ending Awakening the Fire tour to the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center in Las Vegas NV on February 21st.

info & tickets:

RC & Will in the Caves at Clos Pegase, courtesy Shery Christopher Photography

RC3: The R. Carlos Nakai Trio

RC and I will reunite with our esteemed RC3 colleague AmoChip Dabney for two R. Carlos Nakai Trio performances at Tucson’s iconic Miracle Mile music, art and culture hub Monterey Court on February 24th: an early show from 6-7:30 PM and a late show from 8:30-10 PM, with separate ticketing and a re-seating between shows.

tickets & info:

photo courtesy Shery Christopher Photography

Silence and Space

Silence and Space by R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman, the forthcoming second vinyl album from the new Round Sound label, is in search of Executive Producers to bring it across the finish line for a 2024 release. Read all about how you can become a part of this epic project in this letter of invitation from James Paul, Executive Director of the TANK Center for Sonic Arts, where this live concert performance was recorded:

Last year the TANK Center for Sonic Arts created a record label, Round Sound, and put out a first release called Slow Beethoven that went to number 14 on Billboard’s Classical Crossover chart. The TANK, as you may recall, is an innovative arts center in remote Rangely, Colorado, organized around a world-class sonic wonder, a gorgeously resonant seven-story water tank.

The TANK is now producing a second Round Sound release by virtuoso of the Native American flute R. Carlos Nakai and pan-global percussionist Will Clipman. Entitled Silence and Space, the album is the recording of their magisterial 2019 concert in the TANK.

The TANK produces its Round Sound records by finding donors, who are credited as Executive Producers and share in the process as it goes forward.

Each Executive Producer is acknowledged on the record (including the vinyl), in all marketing, and in person at a launch event (last year it was a party at Laurie Anderson’s loft in NYC; this year we’d like to have it in Tucson).

Executive Producer Donations are $5,000 and are tax-deductible, as they are made to the TANK, a nonprofit organization.

Will you join us in this adventure, as an Executive Producer? Interested parties may contact James Paul, Executive Director of the TANK, by email at

Here’s an advance look at the album cover. Executive Producers can also hear the recording itself as it goes through the mixing and mastering process.

Solvei: Connection

The new single Quilombo from the Solvei: Connection album is now available on all your favorite streaming and downloading platforms, along with a gorgeous YouTube video created by vocalist and principal composer Solvei. This upbeat and uplifting new world music romp takes its title from the term for the free rainforest communities created by runaway African slaves in Brazil during the period of Portuguese colonization, which also gave rise to the elegant and exuberant synthesis of martial arts and dance called capoeira. You’ll want to bust a move yourself when you hear this groovy new tune!

video link:

audio streaming & downloading link:

Rob Paulus Project

Meanwhile, the Rob Paulus Project is in the final stages of mixing and mastering, with a 2024 release on the horizon. This emotionally evocative and genre-transcending new music also features Will Clipman on percussion and Solvei on vocals, along with Matt Mitchell on guitar, Jason Carder on trumpet and flugelhorn, and Liz Fletcher and her daughter Aria on vocals. Rob and Will have been buffing and polishing with master mixologist Steven Lee Tracy at Saint Cecilia Studios, and things are sounding sweet!

Rob thumping the stump on a bed track. . .

. . . and shredding bow on an overdub

Will digging deep into the mix


Riding the Cloud, the first EclectiPhonics single, drops on March 1st. An outgrowth of the STC project you know and love from our twelve 2023 singles releases with our esteemed colleague Joe Townend, EclectiPhonics features the multi-instrumental duo of guitar guru, midi magician and principal composer Chris Screven and polyrhythmic pan-global percussionist Will Clipman in original compositions one might fairly describe as classical-jazz-world music fusion, though truthfully the sound defies categorical description. Ride the sound cloud with us and let us know what YOU think we should call our irrepressibly inventive sound!

EclectiPhonics website:

YouTube link:

SoundCloud link:

Chris conducting me through an ear candy overdub in The Boom Boom Room

Abigail Fischer Project

Speaking of sound that defies easy labeling: vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Abigail Fischer and percussionist Will Clipman will resume work on their avant-garde duo recording of high vibe sound healing music with ace engineer Jim Pavett at Allusion Studios on February 29th & March 1st: what better way to leap into Leap Year?!

Abigail feelin’ the healin’

Cultural Crossroads

On April 20th yours truly will have the distinct honor of joining Artistic Director and violist Pamela Freund-Striplen, the world-renowned Alexander String Quartet, revered operatic vocalist Isola Jones, and the inimitable R. Carlos Nakai for a performance of Cultural Crossroads: Dvorak in America at the Tempe Center for the Arts. This joyously eclectic and subtly sophisticated program illuminates the indelible influence of traditional Native American and African American musical forms on the work of iconic Czech composer Antonin Dvorak, and showcases three original Nakai compositions for Native American flute, chamber ensemble and world percussion.

tickets & info:

Wisdom Tree Sessions

After what feels like forever apart, the original William Eaton Ensemble will re-group at William’s Wisdom Tree Studios in Sedona AZ on April 24th-26th to lay tracks for a new album. WEE’s first three Canyon Records releases, Where Rivers Meet, Naked in Eureka and the double album Sparks & Embers, endure as ground-breaking classics of the world chamber fusion genre; Led by William Eaton playing unique multi-stringed instruments of his own design and construction, WEE will no doubt deliver another impeccable benchmark recording in 2024.

Sedona Symphony

Continuing in the neo-classical vein, on April 27th I will have the distinct honor of holding the heartbeat for special performance of the music of R. Carlos Nakai by the Sedona Symphony, spotlighting a suite of Nakai compositions from the GRAMMY-nominated Canyon Records album Fourth World, produced and arranged by Billy Williams with world percussion by yours truly. Details for this show are still under discussion, so watch this space for further info and a ticketing link!

Planet of Percussion

On May 2nd I will conduct a masterclass for percussion students at Northern Arizona University. Entitled Many Streams, One Flow, this latest iteration of my multifarious workshop and performance entity Planet of Percussion will engage promising young practitioners of the percussive arts in a participatory exploration of the common elements that make indigenous world music accessible, understandable and enjoyable.

photo courtesy John Running Photography/Canyon Records

Jaguar Rising

We’ve recently been blessed with yet another new jaguar sighting in southeastern Arizona, so it’s fitting that I’ll participate in a Jaguar Rising event on May 11th at the Wittner Museum in the bi-national border community of Nogales AZ, providing a live improvisational soundtrack for video animations of the visionary nature art of Virginia Maria Romero to raise awareness of the impact of the border wall on wildlife. This event is the latest brainchild of Madrean Archipelago Wildlife Center founder Kate Scott, and details are still under discussion, so watch this space for more info!

artwork courtesy Virginia Maria Romero

Winter Storm

I happened to step out of my studio the other evening just as a winter storm swirled in over the black volcanic crags of the Tucson Mountains at sunset, and had the presence of mind to point and shoot this sequence of mystical images: cloud, snow, rock and light.

New Poem

Things We Leave Undone

Picking up where we left off:

it’s not momentous events

so much as all the little things

we do day in and day out

that give life its rhythm,

and what a marvel it is

to love the regular rhythm

of life in a particular place.

Having gotten through one whole day

without expectation or judgement,

an old man tends to his fountain

in the warm mountain sun;

animals come out at dusk

to sit silently and stare at him

as the Anthropocene careens to an end.

It could be this, that or the other:

a poem, a mask, a song, a letter–

maybe a random act of kindness.

The list of things I will have left undone

goes on so long it becomes yet another

thing I will have left undone, yet

failure to finish everything is no failure:

I’ll begin again where I left off.

© Will Clipman 2024

~May your mid-winter musings manifest in beauty~

Dream your life and live your dream.

~Guillaume Henri

Will Clipman

poet ~ percussionist ~ maskmaker ~ storyteller ~ performing artist ~ educator