Greetings, One & All~

I trust this finds you all transitioning smoothly into the future, carrying forward all the best of the past and leaving behind all that doesn’t serve you in the present.

Sweet Completions

2012 concluded with the realization of two long-awakening dreams for me: the 12.21.12 release of my solo Myths & Masks DVD;

and the completion of Awakening the Fire, my duo CD with Native American Flute master R. Carlos Nakai, scheduled for release from Canyon Records on 2.19.13;

and now 2013 begins with the continuation of these and other long-running projects as well as the initiation of some exciting new ones!

Bright New Beginnings

On January 4th I’ll host a “prehearsal” here at Rancho Improvisoso for ZumaSOL: a Latin-jazz/world-tribal fusion ensemble fronted by LA-based Norwegian singer, dancer and composer Solvei. The Southwestern regional line-up for Solvei’s nationally and internationally interchangeable touring groups will include Larry Redhouse on keyboards, Fernando Romero on guitar, AmoChip Dabney on bass, and yours truly on electronicoustic ethnotribal drumcussion.

Information about Solvei & ZumaSOL at

Upcoming Events

On January 8th at 11:30 AM I’ll share the stage with classicojazzmenco guitar maestro Gabriel Ayala, performing as Duo Sonora at one of our favorite Arizona venues, Arizona Senior Academy. Gabriel and I perform together whenever his never-ending solo world tour permits; this show marks our third appearance at ASA.

Information and reservations for this event at

On January 9th at 2:30 PM I’ll return to Arizona Senior Academy for a special two-hour Myths & Masks DVD Release Concert & Lecture-Demonstration, the first in a series of such events throughout 2013. The first hour will be a performance of my original mask art, mythopoetic storytelling and multicultural world music; the second hour will be a hands-on lecture-demonstration of my trademarked LifeCast™ maskmaking technique, working with a volunteer model from the audience. The event will culminate with an informal artist/audience Q&A session.

© Shery Christopher Photography

Information and reservations for this event at

New Website Updates

Chris Caspers at Nile Graphics has been working overtime (and over the holidays, no less!) to bring up to speed with all these new career developments: click-on video clips, upgraded purchasing, new links, fresh graphics and more. Please stop by for a visit, and please leave me a message when you do!

A Bold New Look for a Bold New Year

Most of you know me as a fairly low-key, unassuming and humble guy; but courtesy of Canyon Records President & Executive Producer (and photographer) Robert Doyle I’m trying out a bold new look for a bold new year. I trust you’ll appreciate the self-effacing humor inherent in this image:

© Photography by Robert Doyle/Canyon Records

Be well, be in touch and above all be you!