Greetings, One & All~

As the Sonoran Desert emerges from an exceptionally wet and cold winter and begins to turn toward the vernal equinox and the advent of spring, things are warming up in Willyworld as well, beginning on March 1st with this new issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Enjoy!

Sunrise Snow at Rancho Improvisoso


Two new portals to the world of STC have opened in the time-space continuum, through which you can learn more about the band and/or stream and download the genre-transcending music of guitarist & midi instrumentalist Chris Screven, bassist & flutist Joe Townend, and drummer & percussionist Will Clipman: the website is the Main Stargate!

STC website:

STC Spotify Artist Page:

New Single

Wednesday March 1st is the official drop date for the second STC single Where Did They Go? on all your favorite streaming and downloading platforms. Here are two handy click-on links to Spotify and Amazon for starters:



STC Radio

We’re left scratching our heads when people ask us (or when we ask ourselves, for that matter) who do you sound like? Fortunately, there’s an eclectic and insightful Spotify playlist anchored by our first single The Migration at:

and a dedicated Apple Music Top Songs sample page at:

Nakai, Eaton & Clipman

The 65th Annual Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market marks the Spring resumption of the Nakai, Eaton & Clipman Spiral Rendezvous tour on Saturday & Sunday, March 4th & 5th at 1 PM, where The Wilde Boys will open a musical vortex at the center of the outdoor Heard Museum Performance Amphitheater in historic downtown Phoenix AZ.

info & tickets at:

photo courtesy James Ismert Photography

sample, stream, download or purchase physical CDs at

Unity Duo

Natural Awakenings Magazine calls her “Tucson’s folk-rock goddess”; Tucson Lifestyle Magazine calls her a “poet, peace warrior, healer. . . a singer/songwriter to be reckoned with”; I reckon she’s all that. . . and Musical Director of Unity in the Valley in Sahuarita AZ to boot (she also rocks a cool collection of boots!). I’ll appear with Amber Norgaard next at Unity on Sunday March 19th at 10 AM.

Indigo Social Club

Irrepressible joie de vivre + inspired musicianship x gorgeous lighting/impeccable sound = a don’t-miss concert experience when Indigo Social Club brings its sophisticated acoustic vibe to Sea of Glass Center for the Arts for one show only on Saturday April 8th. Join Marshall Jones on guitar, Rob Paulus on upright bass & violin, Cantrell Maryott on vocals, and Will Clipman on pan-global percussion for an unforgettably hip and uplifting evening of original music, tastefully complemented with jazz, r&b and pop classics.

info & tickets at

Planet of Percussion

Your peripatetic pan-global percussionist will bring his aptly-titled solo concert and workshop to Wildwood Sounds in Del Norte CO on Friday, Saturday & Sunday April 14th, 15th & 16th for a heart-warming weekend of world music and mythopoetic storytelling. I’ve played this intimately charming acoustic venue a number of times as the drummer for various New Age and Americana ensembles; this is my first solo appearance!

info & tickets at

Looking Forward

The Wilde Boys will continue spiraling toward the ultimate rendezvous in three more Spring ’23 concerts: at the Elks Theater in Prescott AZ on Earth Day (Saturday April 22nd); at the Community Performance & Art Center in Green Valley AZ on Friday May 5th; and at Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix AZ on Friday May 12th. Watch this space for info & ticketing for the 4/22 and 5/12 shows; tickets are on sale NOW for the 5/5 show and the best seats are going fast!

Nakai, Eaton & Clipman at CPAC:

photo courtesy James Ismert Photography

Photos of the Month

Harris’s hawks are often mistaken for golden eagles because of their size and color; they’ve always been present here at Rancho improvisoso, but we’ve never seen one inside the walled yard. . . until this winter! Your March Photos of the Month comprise a triptych of images featuring different aspects of these magnificent creatures (the first two by yours truly and the third one by Shery Christopher) entitled Raptor Rapture: an adult and juvenile engaged in hunting lessons high in our dead Aleppo (which has become a favorite roosting and scouting spot for our Cooper’s hawks, ravens and great horned owls as well as our Harris’s hawks); the adult enjoying a drink break at the waterbowl in the mesquite grove just beneath the Aleppo; and the adult taking flight: that’s a wingspan just shy of four feet!

Poem of the Month

Why Not

Gratitude and generosity:

with arms outstretched

I cup the words in upturned palms,

feel their gravity

and weightlessness,

twin moons orbiting

the planet of my heart.

Why not at least attempt

to do good, leave behind

more joy than sorrow,

balance what is received

with what is returned?

A penetrating winter wind

blows in from the southeast

bringing the blessing of rain;

the great horned owls

return, bringing the hope

that they’ll nest here again

as they did last year:

their midnight song asks

why not, why not?

The desert glistens at sunrise:

a light powdering of snow

stark against dark soaked earth

and steaming on startled saguaros

accentuates the black volcanic crags

at the edge of the primordial caldera

that forms this valley,

all the more beautiful

because it will melt by noon.

Why not savor its evanescence

rather than lament its impermanence,

embrace its timeless beauty and grace

even as time slips away?

© Will Clipman 2023

May your March be as marvelous as YOU are!

Equal measures of gratitude and generosity balance the scales of inner peace.

~Guillaume Henri

Will Clipman

poet ~ percussionist ~ maskmaker ~ storyteller ~ performing artist ~ educator