Greetings, One & All~

May always feels like a month of possibility, as the connotations of the word itself commingle with the Spring awakening of our Sonoran Desert flora and fauna here at Rancho Improvisoso: the mesquite and palo verde trees explode with leaf and blossom almost overnight, and in their dappled shade the winter sleepers begin to stir, as you’ll see in the Photos of the Month toward the end of your May 2022 A 440 Newsletter. Enjoy all the good news in between and don’t miss the Serious Fun that awaits within!

Serious Fun

I met musician, poet, psychologist and sound healer Michael Brant DeMaria last year when we collaborated on a virtual presentation for the 2021 IANDS Conference, and we have enjoyed an ongoing “soulversation” ever since. Our simpatico has manifested further in this wonder-filled podcast, which goes live worldwide on May 1st, and which I know you’ll enjoy as much as Michael and I did. Relax into it, reflect on it, and by all means let us know your thoughts about it!

Sumptuous Sounds

The sumptuous sounds of Indigo Social Club will be on the menu at Pastiche Modern Eatery from 6-8 PM on Tuesday May 3rd, served up by vocalist Cantrell Maryott, guitarist Marshall Jones, bassist & violinst Rob Paulus, and pan-global percussionist Will Clipman to complement the delicious dining and delectable drinks always on offer. We hope to see you there, and at our full concert performance noted further down!

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photo courtesy Shery Christopher Photography

New Single

The new Evenfall single Eye of the Storm is out from Heart Dance Records, featuring yours truly holding the heartbeat for multi-instrumentalist Cass Anawaty and multi-flutist Sherry Finzer. This is the second of four singles (following Luminous Depths) leading up to the release of the full EP Terra Incognita. You’ll want to add these gorgeous grooves to your sonic soundscape, and enjoy the enchanting videos as you listen!

Eye of the Storm streaming and downloading link

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Luminous Depths streaming link:

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Unity Duo

What began as a one-time invitation to join singer/songwriter, peace warrior and Unity in the Valley Musical Director Amber Norgaard for her weekly service has blossomed into a once-a-month engagement for the remainder of 2022. I find these musical and spiritual offerings uplifting, heart-opening and smile-inducing, as this post-service snapshot from our last outing portrays. I’ll be back at UITV with Amber on Sunday May 22nd at 10 AM.

Find out more about UITV and Amber’s work at

Redwood Retreat

Canyon Ranch Woodside has become a sacred place for me, so I’m thrilled to return to the enchanted environs of the coastal California redwood forest to present my latest transformational Woodside retreat Finding Your Best Self on Thursday-Sunday May 26th-30th. Woodside is in and of itself a wonder-filled place where all manner of self-actualization, relaxation, rejuvenation and re-invigoration await; I’d love to see you there and offer you my workshop series as an enhancement to the marvelous Woodside menu of immersive wellness services, all immersed in the inspiration of nature as it’s finest!

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Tasty Tunes

The award-winning contemporary instrumental trio Trialogue will kick off the 2022 Heart Dance Records concert series on Sunday June 12th at 3 PM. Join multi-flutist Sherry Finzer, guitarist Darin Mahoney and pan-global percussionist Will Clipman for a tasty afternoon of tunesmithing to complement a wine tasting by L’Entrata and an art exhibit by Flair. Summer fun in Sonora doesn’t get any cooler than this, so don’t miss!

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Indigo Concert

Indigo Social Club will present a full concert performance at the Community Performing Arts Center in Green Valley AZ at 7 PM on Wednesday June 29th. Comprised of vocalist Cantrell Maryott, guitarist Marshall Jones, bassist & violinist Rob Paulus, and pan-global percussionist Will Clipman, this acoustic world jazz quartet purveys a soul-stirring blend of sophisticated original compositions and artfully re-imagined pop and jazz classics with impeccable musicianship and irresistible joy. Treat yourself to this don’t-miss show!

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photo courtesy Shery Christopher Photography

Photos of the Month

We do our best to live in harmony with nature here at Rancho Improvisoso. Inherent in the visual splendor of Spring in the Sonoran Desert are daily reminders to breathe easy and walk with awareness, which we mindfully observe. Enjoy!

Poolside Profusion, ICU Imagery

Golden Path, ICU Imagery

Serpentine Spring, ICU Imagery

Poem of the Month

Tenderness and Terror

Here we are at the end of the beginning–

having yesterday been shot out of a cannon

into a state of being beyond time and space

and materiality–at a marisquería in Bahia de Kino

for The Great Triple H Tequila Birthday Surprise,

only I’m really not that professional wrestler

and this isn’t really my birthday, though in a way

I was born yesterday on that brilliant blanket

under a ramada of wooden poles and palm fronds

among the fine white sand dunes overlooking

the sapphire-blue and emerald-green Sea of Cortez

a mile outside the Comcaac village of Punta Chueca,

when oneness with all was bestowed unto me

(yes, I just wrote bestowed unto me) and all

was distilled into the pure and simple elixir love;

so though the joke is on me I play along because

the importance of comradery can’t be overstated,

as a wise friend wrote from her high desert solitude

in central New Mexico. In these times, she opined,

I seem to be flooded with tenderness and terror

in alternating waves–the same alternating waves

I ride all day every day these days–and maybe

we can’t feel one without the other. Back home

at Rancho Improvisoso west of The Old Pueblo

in Northern Sonora (or Baja Arizona, if you prefer)

I mend a turkey bone whistle that snapped in two,

gluing it carefully along the clean jagged fracture

just below the air-splitter where its voice is born;

and wouldn’t you know, it sounds good as new—

maybe better. Maybe the broken places heal stronger.

© Will Clipman 2022

~May your May be filled with possibilities fulfilled~

One’s view must not be constrained by the window frame:
open the window and see all the possibilities outside!

~Guillaume Henri

Will Clipman

poet ~ percussionist ~ maskmaker ~ storyteller ~ performing artist ~ educator