Greetings, One & All~

Many thanks to all for your magnanimous March missives: what a treat for yours truly! Illuminated by the waning Eagle Moon, April has come into sharper focus since we corresponded last; so there is both a continuation of that good news and a fresh infusion of new good news in this issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Be well, be of good cheer and be in touch!

Nakai & Clipman

Our never-ending Awakening the Fire world tour brings R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman to the Community Performing Arts Center in Green Valley, Arizona for two performances on Wednesday April 7th. The 7 PM show sold out so quickly that CPAC added a 4 PM show, for which I believe there is still a ticket or two available:

Finzer & Clipman

Take a space between breaths and let your heart dance with Sherry Finzer & Will Clipman at our outdoor Cul-de-Sac Concert at The Landings in Anthem, Arizona on Sunday April 11th at 3 PM. Appropriately enough, our sonic celebration of Spring in Northern Sonora will be staged at North Celebration Court! Email Sherry for more info and the gate code:


MY FEATURED APRIL EVENT is Will Clipman: A World of Music, Myth & Mask at the world renowned Musical Instrument Museum Theater in Phoenix, Arizona at 7 PM on Friday April 30th. This stage has become my favorite venue on the planet to play over the course of many previous concerts there with various other artists and ensembles, so I am beyond thrilled to bring my solo show to this temple of world music and culture.

photo courtesy Shery Christopher Photography

Restoration & Renewal

May we look ahead to May? Mais oui! These times call for restoration and renewal, and in that spirit I am delighted to return to Canyon Ranch Woodside Wellness Retreat in Woodside, California to conduct a weekend retreat appropriately titled Rhythms of Restoration & Renewal on Thursday-Sunday May 27th-30th. Nestled in the ancient redwood forests just south of San Francisco, Woodside offers a perfect environment for personal growth, transformation and wellness. Over the course of our retreat, we will map our return to a calm and centered way of being in the world through a creative immersion in nature, music, poetry and personal storytelling.

Medicine Arrow

The native world fusion trio Medicine Arrow (Aaron White, Will Clipman & Roman Orona)
knocked it out of the park in the recording of their first batch of four songs for Buffalo Jump Records with the GRAMMY-nominated team of producer Stephen “Guru of Groove” Butler and engineer Russ “Mixmaster” Marsden”. The EP is being mixed and mastered as we speak, so watch the space for release news!

Crystal & Clay

After a lengthy pandemic hiatus, the perfectly healthy duo Tryshe Dhevney & Will Clipman are set to record their crystal bowl-and-udu collaboration with master engineer Jim Blackwood on April 9th. Keep an ear to the ground and an eye on the sky for further revelations of their celestially sound-grounding vibrations!

photo courtesy Robert Doyle Photography/Canyon Records

Mask Up!

Wow, my trifecta of Myths & Masks concerts at Invisible Theatre was IT! Many thanks to Artistic Director Susan Claasen, Lightmaster James Blair, the entire IT crew, Underwriter Anne F. Cavanagh, and all the members of my mythic tribe who brought their keen perception and enthusiastic participation to the experience for making IT truly magical. Watch this space for the announcement of a return engagement this summer. Thanks also to Cliff Cunningham of Sun News Tucson for this stellar review:

Photos of the Month

Shery Christopher, nature photographer and CDO of Perspire Sauna Studios, happened to step out of her office for a breath of fresh air after closing a major franchising deal recently with camera in hand and captured both ends of this rare desert rainbow. Mere coincidence or the concurrence of clear intention and right action? You decide!

Arc of Abundance 1, courtesy Shery Christopher Photography

Arc of Abundance 2, courtesy Shery Christopher Photography

Poem of the Month

Mending Fences

Barbed wire is a strict instructor:

it does not excuse inattention.

Clamped in the come-along

the stretching string sings taut

as the ends of the break

are brought close enough

together to splice: one ratchet

too many and a gunshot recoils

further down the strand, unleashing

loose Medusa coils of snaking steel.

Mule deer freeze in dappled sun,

turn their huge ears independently

to locate the source of the sound;

aspen leaves flutter to summon

a breeze, which cools hot blood

on bare forearms where barbs

bit. Above nine thousand feet

on the Uncompahgre Plateau

among the vestiges of ancestral

Ute hunting camps, a spring-fed

pond is danced upon by dragonflies

while up from its murky depths

a tiger salamander rises

stealthily as an ancient myth,

and a mountain lion’s topaz gaze

sparkles in a cool dark pool of shade.

Truth appears in many guises

but beneath the surface it is still

truth. Blood. Sweat. Steel. The long

arc of friendship and shared work:

these are lines that define

a life story, and in the end

what has been broken will be

mended and made whole again.

© Will Clipman 2021

~May your April be astounding and abundant~

Featured April Event

Will Clipman: A World of Music, Myth & Mask
Musical Instrument Museum Theater
Phoenix, Arizona
Friday April 30th at 7 PM

Music, myth and mask together express the deepest essence of human experience.

~Guillaume Henri

Will Clipman

poet ~ percussionist ~ maskmaker ~ storyteller ~ performing artist ~ educator