Greetings, One & All~

With the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing having coincided with my 65th birthday, July flew by with extraterrestrial velocity and yet was filled with the stillness of inner space right here on Earth. As the mystery and magic of the monsoon season envelops us in Sonora, I trust you’ll find some cool refreshment in this hot August issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Enjoy!

Nakai & Clipman

Your intrepid sonic explorers of the outer reaches of inner space R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman will bring the latest iteration of their global native fusion sound to One World Theatre in Austin TX on Sunday August 25th, and to Mt. Peale Inn & Animal Sanctuary in La Sal UT on Saturday August 31st.


As part of the recent Heart Dance Records summit, Journeyscapes radio show host Candice Michelle recorded this wide-ranging, entertaining and informative interview with yours truly, which has just been published at:

Breathing Space

Speaking of Heart Dance Records, we’ve wrapped up the final design phase for the new Sherry Finzer & Will Clipman album The Space Between Breaths, which is cued up for a September 20th release. Whether you’re into yoga, trance dance, massage, meditation or just deeply groovy new world music for it’s own sake, this intimate dialogue between the flute and the drum will transport you to the stillpoint at the center of your being.

Family Affair

Over at Shaken Earth, we’ve got the fist six mixes in the can for the forthcoming cello and drum extravaganza Wildly Ethereal by Michael G. Ronstadt & Will Clipman, recorded by Peter Dalton Ronstadt and featuring cover art by Annabelle Ronstadt, who painted this abstract watercolor in the studio to the sound of our music.

Wildly Ethereal, painting by Annabelle Ronstadt, age 2

Solstice Scintillations

In addition to hosting my Treehouse Jam living room concert and workshop in Draper UT and conducting the Drum Circle at the Solstice Flute School & Festival in Midway UT earlier this summer, instrument inventor, photographer and videographer Michael Trigleth created this stellar video from his still photographs of our Concert Under the Stars all-star jam at the culmination of the festival:

Photos of the Month

As you can see in these magical moments captured by photographer Shery Christopher, we have the entire Sonoran Desert food chain right outside our kitchen window, and our brave bunnies need to be alert and quick to avoid being on the menu!

Harriet Hawk cools her talons. . .

. . . while four extraordinarily nonchalant rabbits chill in the shade. . .

. . . and the newest addition to our resident bobcat family laps up a drink. . .

. . . sharpens some impressive claws. . .

. . . and strolls off for the evening’s adventures!

Poem of the Month

Snake River

I feel the current

of its current

course through me

as it rushes by

from its headwaters

among those not-too-distant

snow-capped peaks

sculpting granite boulders

who have sat

where I now sit

for a million years

and I listen

to its one-word language

with my desert dweller’s ears


it sings

in a ceaseless susurrus

sinuously stretching out

that singular vowel

© Will Clipman 2019

~keep cool and keep in touch~

Be a conduit for grace.

~Guillaume Henri

Will Clipman

poet ~ percussionist ~ maskmaker ~ storyteller ~ performing artist ~ educator