Greetings, One & All~

May is a month of possibility, of seed-planting for future harvests and engendering initiatives that may lead to new opportunities down the river and around the bend. Enjoy the possibilities in this May issue of your A 440 Newsletter!


On Saturday May 13th in New Orleans, Louisiana the 2017 Zone Music Reporter Awards will be announced, and Trialogue by Heart Dance Records artists Sherry Finzer, Darin Mahoney & Will Clipman is a Nominee for Best Acoustic Instrumental Album.

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On Friday May 19th in Winnipeg, Manitoba the Indigenous Music Awards will be announced, and What Lies Beyond by Canyon Records artists the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet is a Nominee for Best Instrumental Album.

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On the recommendation of his long-time drummer (and my long-time friend) Larry Cobb, legendary Tucson singer/songwriter John Coinman has invited me to add some percussive colors from my pan-global palette to his new album. Our first session will be on Tuesday May 2nd at A Writer’s Room Studio with Duncan Stitt at the board, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to complement John’s brilliant songs.

photo courtesy Robert Doyle Photography/Canyon Records

Creative Development

On Wednesday May 3rd I’ll shift gears dramatically for a creative development session with fellow Canyon Records artists Roman Orona and Jonah Littlesunday out here in The Boom Boom Room at Rancho Improvisoso, as we continue to record demos for our upcoming studio album, and refine our live show for a premiere performance at the iconic multi-media performance space Alwun House In Phoenix, Arizona later in 2017.

photo courtesy Nancy Smith-Jones Photography

New Media

The Ullman Terrace Amphitheater at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona has always been one of my favorite outdoor venues to play, so imagine my delight in discovering as I arrived to load in for our April concert there that Trialogue had sold it out! Our flutist Sherry Finzer utilized her multi-media skills to produce these two video clips from our show, as well as pulling a set of still photos from the videos.

Dark Horse video:

Thanks for Asking video:

photos courtesy Sherry Finzer/ Heart Dance Records

Poem of the Month

Those of you who read the PotM regularly know that most of my poetry is driven by imagery, and that whatever ideas and emotions the poem conveys are grounded in the language of the senses. Your May Poem of the Month is a more abstract meditation on the nature of truth and the necessity of language as a means of defining reality. Enjoy!

This is Not a Test

This is not the purpose

for which we evolved

opposable thumbs.

Not everything can be expressed

in one hundred-forty

characters or less.

What’s written by hand

in a pocket-sized notebook

may not fit in the palm of the hand.

Something is happening

more meaningful

than a thirty-second sound bite.

Something is happening

more real

than reality TV.

If the pen is mightier

than the sword, is then

the pixel mightier than the pen?

We’d best use well

the tools that serve us best

or we will be ill-used by them.

There are some buttons

one can’t push

just to see what happens.

True or false:

if one can’t recognize falsehood

one doesn’t know what’s true.

Take as long as it takes.

This is not a test.

The emergency is real.

© Will Clipman 2017

~May your May be filled with possibility~

I prefer to use language as an instrument rather than as a weapon.

~Guillaume Henri


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