Greetings, One & All~

With the first new moon of the lunar year, the days begin to become noticeably longer and the first signs of Spring begin to emerge. In keeping with that spirit of renewal and growth, a fabulous February is unfolding here in Willyworld, as evidenced in this issue of your A 440 Newsletter!

Myths & Masks

Monday-Friday February 1st-5th I’ll continue my annual Myths & Masks Artist-in-Residency at Cheyenne Traditional School In Scottsdale AZ. My fourth grade students have successfully completed their plaster bandage Lifecasts and the first half of their Mythic Persona Poems; this week we’ll be fitting the wearable mask art, painting, adding our three-dimensional sculptural embellishment, completing our poems and preparing for our community showcase presentations–a full week to say the least!

Masks for Maya

On Saturday February 6th from 10 AM-5 PM I’ll conduct a private maskmaking birthday party here in Tucson AZ. I met the birthday girl a number of years ago when she and her parents attended my Myths & Masks weekend retreat at Enchantment Resort’s Mii Amo Spa in Sedona AZ. Years later, Maya remembered that experience vividly enough to ask for Myths & Masks as her 11th birthday present. What an honor for yours truly!


Wednesday February 3rd will be a doubleheader day for the contemporary instrumental trio Trialogue (Sherry Finzer, flutes; Darin Mahoney, guitars; and Will Clipman, drums & percussion) as we complete tracking for our forthcoming Heart Dance Records album at Clamsville Productions in Chandler AZ with engineer John Herrera at the helm in the afternoon, then bust a rush-hour move all the way across the Valley of the Sun for a 7 PM concert at Grandview Terrace in Sun City AZ.

Three happy clams mixing it up in the control room at Clamsville

Dialing in John’s awesome TJS Custom Drums–gotta get me a set!

Arizona Alive!

Beginning on Monday February 8th and continuing through Friday February 26th I’ll conduct my annual Arizona Alive! storytelling Artist-in-Residency at Sonoran Sky School in Scottsdale AZ. Over the course of ten days, my fourth grade students will compose original stories based on their studies of Arizona history and perform them in a community showcase presentation.

Planet of Percussion

Beginning on Tuesday February 9th from 9-11 AM and continuing on successive Tuesdays through March 8th I’ll conduct my Planet of Percussion workshop for Lifetime Arts Creative Aging at Chandler Downtown Library in Chandler AZ. Our hands-on exploration of world music rhythm and polyrhythm will culminate with a public performance by the Planetary Players Percussion Ensemble on Saturday March 12th at 11 AM. . . more on that in your March A 440!

Registration is full, but you may still be able to get on a short waiting list at or 480.782.2800

Awakening the Fire

On Saturday February 13th at 8 PM I’ll perform a duo concert with R. Carlos Nakai at Galactic Center in Tucson AZ. We’ll play themes and variations from our GRAMMY-Nominated Canyon Records album Awakening the Fire, as well as never-before-heard improvisations just for you! There are no advance tickets for this event, and of course the Gem Show is in full swing, so early arrival is highly recommended. Galactic Center is a really cool art gallery in addition to being an intimate performance venue, so spending some time in the space prior to the concert will be fun for all.

Temenos Quartet

Temenos Quartet (To’Ree’Nee Wolf, vocals & guitar; Heidi Wilson, alto sax; AmoChip Dabney, bass; and Will Clipman, drums & percussion) have completed tracking for our six-song “folk funk fusion” EP Forecast at Saint Cecilia Studios in Tucson AZ with engineer Steven Lee Tracy at the helm. We’ll be dialing in final mixes and getting the prints off for mastering this month, with the goal of having a physical CD in hand for our upcoming March 26th concert at Sea of Glass Center for the Arts. . . more on that in your March A 440!

Amo spankin’ the plank

Heidi gettin’ saxy widdit

To’Ree’Nee seriously tuning in

Big Daddy Boom Boom percussing everything within reach

R. Carlos Nakai Quartet

Yes, the rumors are true: the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet has re-formed with original members R. Carlos Nakai on Native American and classical European flutes, coronet and indigenous aerophones; AmoChip Dabney on keyboards & saxophones; and Will Clipman on drums & percussion; joined by our new bassist Johnny Walker. With a few concerts under our belts, we’re developing an entirely new repertoire of original world music for our first new studio album since 2005, and plan to record early this Spring.

The Q jammin’ outside our rehearsal studio at Rancho Improvisoso

Heart of the Wind

The title track from the album Heart of the Wind: Robert Tree Cody & Will Clipman (a perennial Canyon Records best-seller and a 2006 GRAMMY Nominee) is featured in the soundtrack for a new environmental-educational video produced by the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians in Michigan.

Poem of the Month

With the sun rising a little earlier each morning, setting a little later each evening, and arcing a little farther north on the horizon each day, I’m reminded of a “breathless sentence” poem I composed in 2013 around this time of year. I’ve revised the line breaks and trimmed the syntax a bit to make it (hopefully) a little less breathless, and I offer it here in keeping with this month’s motifs of renewal, hope and growth.

One with the Sun

Being of the sun I say

let the sun eat my body

I have less than no desire

to hide myself from that which is

at the end of the day myself

and being made of the same stuff

stars are made of I say

let the sun devour my darkness

as the stars do the night sky

let me serve up dreamy fruits of slumber

for the rising sun to breakfast on

and when the sun sets let me lay out

the evening’s banquet of sorrow and joy

with an invitation to sip the dying light

from the wine-red rim of the horizon

and since we all see finally only light

I say let the sun blind me little by little

toward that last opening of my eyes

in which all will be all

and the sun and I will be one.

© Will Clipman 2016

Be the light, be well and be in touch!

Greatness is making the exceptional look routine.
~Guillaume Henri


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