Greetings, One & All~

Blue Moons are extremely rare (the next one won’t occur until 2018)and I don’t ever recall two full moons occurring precisely on the very first and very last days of one calendar month, as was the case in July. So, in the spirit of all things rare and beautiful, I offer you all the good news in the August issue of your A 440 Newsletter!

We Are All One Under the Sun

On Saturday August 22nd “from noon until its over” the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet will headline a benefit concert for Mount Peale Animal Sanctuary at Mount Peale Resort in La Sal UT:

Info & tickets at:

Then on Sunday August 23rd at 3 PM the Q will perform at the Montrose Pavilion in
Montrose CO. This is a FREE show, but you DO have to obtain tickets in advance!

Info at:

New World Music

Temenos Quartet continues its quest to crowd-fund its debut CD with a stripped-down and revved-up new version of its INDIEGOGO page:

You can catch us live in Arizona this fall at Speedway Studio in Tucson on Sunday September 20th; Old Town Center for the Arts in Cottonwood on Saturday November 14th; and Monterey Court in Tucson on Saturday November 28th.

Myths & Masks Preview

On consecutive Tuesdays this fall, beginning on September 29th and running through November 17th, I will conduct an adult continuing education workshop at Chandler Public Library under the auspices of the New York-based national arts education organization Lifetime Arts:

Fall Concert Previews

There promises to be an abundant autumn harvest of music from all the seed-planting yours truly has been doing this summer. To give you just a taste of the coming feast, here are info & ticket links for two shows I’m co-producing with Tucson’s premiere small concert venue Sea of Glass; one with my newest collaboration The Sherry Finzer Trio, and one with my oldest collaboration The William Eaton Ensemble:

New Media

Xtreme Music editor & publisher Justin St. Vincent emailed me from New Zealand the other day with this new link to my interview in his second on-line book Love Live Forgive:

And here’s your humble narrator sitting in the chapel at San Xavier del Bac reading Justin’s first book The Spiritual Significance of Music, in which I was also interviewed:

Renowned Echoes Radio host and contemporary instrumental music critic John Diliberto unearthed an ancient artifact from the Nakai, Eaton & Clipman archives on a recent Internet “dig” and was kind enough to fast-forward it into the present, proving once again that music made in the ancient future is timeless!

News Feed


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· July 27 at 12:21pm ·

I was searching something else on YouTube and stumbled on this great video with R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton & Will Clipman. Dig the guitar Eaton is playing. I believe it’s a variation on his Lyra-Harp Guitar.

Nakai, Eaton & Clipman “Arriving at Now”

R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton & Will Clipman perform “Arriving at Now” from their album “Red Wind” at Desert Botanical Garden. For more visit www.CanyonReco…


Poem of the Month

I’ve never been much for love poems, but lately I’ve had a series of them come to me more or less intact, and simply made myself available to write them down. This one–like last month’s PotM–seizes upon an ordinary real-life experience to metaphorically explore the mystery and meaning of this phenomenon we call love:

Sunday Morning Scones

Recipe poems are hopelessly corny

and this isn’t going to be one.

This isn’t going to say

take one level cupful

of the fruits of right relationship

and fold gently

into the dough of devotion.

This doesn’t have a pre-heating temperature

or even an oven.

There will be no list of utensils,

no need for flour sack cloth,

no well-greased baking tin.

There is no recipe

for making two into one,

no secret ingredients

that ensure love will endure

beyond its expiration date.

No: this is about how

without the you of you

there is no me in me.

It’s about how impossible

life would be without your aroma

to awaken to this morning.

© Will Clipman 2015

May your August be blessed

with all that is rare and beautiful

Think small and your world shrinks; think big and it expands.
~Guillaume Henri


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