Greetings, One & All~

As we hurtle around the sun and rapidly approach the Vernal Equinox (in the northern hemisphere, at any rate) one has to wonder where the first two months of the new year have gone?! I trust this time has been as eventful in your world as it has been in mine, and that all the good news in this March issue of your A 440 Newsletter will give you a mile o’ smile as we transition from Winter into Spring.

Concert News

Saturday March 21st at 8 PM: Temenos Quartet at Galactic Center

Following its SRO performance last Autumnal Equinox, Temenos Quartet continues to build its tradition of quarterly Tucson appearances with a Vernal Equinox Concert at Galactic Center: The Old Pueblo’s landmark launch pad for futuristic art and music.

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Comprised of To-Ree-Nee Wolf on acoustic guitar and vocals; Heidi Wilson on alto sax and vocals; AmoChip Dabney on bass and vocals; and Will Clipman on drums and percussion, Temenos Quartet fuses four of Tucson’s brightest musical luminaries in a scintillating sonic synergy greater than the sum of its parts.

TQ plays original Music for the New Timeline: intelligent and emotionally evocative lyrics set to an eclectic array of irresistible trance-dance grooves. This is musical medicine for the mind, body and spirit: guaranteed to entertain, energize and enlighten audiences of all ages.

photo by Pj McArdle

This concert will feature many new, never-before-heard compositions TQ has co-created since its premiere performance, as well as selections from the repertoire that lifted the building off its foundations and transformed the SRO crowd last Fall.

This performance will also serve as the launch for the band’s indiegogo campaign to help fund the recording and release of its debut album, The Artness of Who We Are.

AiR Review & Preview

My Arizona Alive! Storytelling Artist-in-Residency at Sonoran Sky School was an “historic” success, bringing history to life with creative writing and storytelling, and celebrating my 20th year as Sonoran Sky’s Artist-in-Residence, as well as the 20th Anniversary of the school itself: I’ve been there since the doors opened in 1994!

I come up for AiR next at Cheyenne Traditional School where I’ll conduct my annual Myths & Masks Artist-in-Residency from March 23rd through April 6th.

photo by Shery Christopher

New Media

If you missed the February run of the Temenos Quartet Exploring Tucson Arts feature on Tucson Community Cable TV, produced by Pj McArdle, good news: it will continue to run throughout the month of March!

For the growing number of folks who don’t do TV, here’s the YouTube clip:

Musica sin Fronteras

Canyon Records has just licensed music from Awakening the Fire for use in video soundtracks by the Chilean environmental and cultural preservation non-profit Revista Bioma. For a glimpse into the fascinating and important work of this organization (and to understand how our music is a perfect fit for that) click on

And if you’re one of the few remaining earth-music lovers in either hemisphere who haven’t yet heard this transformational GRAMMY®-nominated music, you may listen first and then purchase if you wish at

Poem of the Month

It’s always risky to share a brand-new piece of work, which still hovers in that inchoate space between the bright fire of creation and the cool certainty of completion; but, hey, no risk, no reward, right? I’ll trust my gut with this Poem of the Month, and trust my gentle readers to let me know with clarity tempered by compassion whether or not it works. It seems like a perfectly fitting conclusion for your March A 440 Newsletter!

Muse of Balance

It began with the gift of a piano

and even further back

with myth, mask and music.

She is the Muse of Balance:

Like Michelangelo or Rodin

she simply pulls away her hand

at precisely the moment

when a perfect balance is struck

between heart-shaped marble

and granite slab,

not so much placing the object

as leaving the negative space

around it undisturbed.

But for the evidence of sight

this is not possible: rocks

balanced en pointe with no mortar,

wide ends toward the sky

in defiance of gravity.

It would seem the slightest

breath of breeze would topple them,

but there they remain.

I pull my hand away from the keys

at precisely the moment

before sound interrupts silence

and leave one last note perfectly unplayed.

I drive away with her piano

precariously balanced in my van

while in the rear view mirror

the stones continue to stand.

© Will Clipman 2015

photo by Nancy Smith-Jones

On the Vernal Equinox

may the unbroken circle of the drum

bring balance, harmony and peace

New experiences become meaningful when met with clear intention, receptive quietude and impeccable attention. ~Guillaume Henri


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