Simply Scintillating: Your September A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~As we emerge from a long, hot summer (including the hottest month ever recorded in July, both here in The Old Pueblo and on Planet Earth) and arc toward the turning point of the autumnal equinox, allow me to contribute a few cool new items to your list of fall festivities, along with your Poem of the Month and your Photos of the Month, in this simply scintillating September issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Be cool and be in touch!STC SingleIt's the first of the month, and you know what that means: a new STC single drops [...]

Once in a Blue Moon: Your August 2023 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~This month will be a skywatcher's delight, with the Full Sturgeon Supermoon on August 1st and the Blue Supermoon on August 30th; indeed, a full day of monsoon storm clean-up here at Rancho Improvisoso today has necessitated an evening full moon A 440 session, so those of you in other hemispheres may awaken to yours tomorrow rather than ending your day with it today. It will be a month full of musical magic and mystery here as well. Round all that out with your Poem of the Month and a hand-picked portfolio of Photos of the Month and [...]

Illuminating News & Views: Your July 2023 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~Based on the sheer volume and variety of your July Photos of the Month, you could be forgiven for assuming that all we do is roam around Rancho Improvisoso all day every day taking nature pictures; actually, it's been a most eventful and productive couple of months here in Willyworld since your combined May/June issue, with a balanced blend of touring, local gigs, personal creative work and major home improvements. That said, the blessings of nature have indeed been abundant here in the Sonoran Desert as summer unfolds, and continue to provide us with daily inspiration. Enjoy the [...]

What May Be: Your May/June 2023 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~Simply allowing what may be to be? Yikes! That sounds so simple, and yet it may be hard to actually do. I'll try in this May/June issue of your A 440 Newsletter, crossing the arbitrary boundary between calendar months to bring you all the High Spring news that's fit to print before the breathtaking stillness of the Sonoran summer arrives with the Solstice. Be well and be in touch!Single of the MonthYour favorite contemporary instrumental worldbeat fusion trio STC continues to deliver its monthly musical manifestation with the May 1st drop of its new single When They Arrive, [...]

No Foolin’: Your April 2023 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~The transition from Winter to Spring can be imperceptibly gradual or startlingly abrupt here in the Sonoran Desert, and some years (like this one) the weather just can't make up its mind: we had a white-out blizzard on Easter Sunday one year, and in other years I've resumed swimming laps in our unheated pool by mid-March. As we go back and forth between seasons here, I trust your weather there has been fair, or at least fairly predictable. One thing you can count on is getting your A 440 Newsletter on the first of every month; so in [...]

A Marvelous Month: Your March 2023 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~As the Sonoran Desert emerges from an exceptionally wet and cold winter and begins to turn toward the vernal equinox and the advent of spring, things are warming up in Willyworld as well, beginning on March 1st with this new issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Enjoy!Sunrise Snow at Rancho ImprovisosoSTCTwo new portals to the world of STC have opened in the time-space continuum, through which you can learn more about the band and/or stream and download the genre-transcending music of guitarist & midi instrumentalist Chris Screven, bassist & flutist Joe Townend, and drummer & percussionist Will Clipman: [...]

Bright & Early: Your January 2023 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~Time waits for no one, so there's no time like the present to begin a new year of shared creativity. Wishing your and yours a peaceful and prosperous 2023 with this January issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Enjoy it all in joy!Bright & EarlyThe new year's music starts bright and early at 10 AM on Sunday January 1st: my first Unity Duo service of 2023 with singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist and Unity in the Valley Musical Director Amber Norgaard; a second helping will be served up this month on Sunday January 29th. Watch this space for all our 2023 dates [...]

A Winter Solstice Wish: Your December 2022 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~Having completed my work in the outer world for this year, I am looking inward to a December of relaxation, rejuvenation and reflection: delving into new and on-going musical collaborations; investing time and energy in personal writing projects; spending quality time with family, friends and loved ones; enjoying the blessings of nature here in my beloved Sonoran Desert; re-calibrating my well-worn earthsuit for further adventures on The Blue Planet; and savoring the shimmering mysteries of the winter solstice season in good cheer. There will be plenty of time to announce upcoming events at the turn of the year; [...]

A November to Remember: Your November 2022 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~This promises to be a momentous month on many levels, as I'm sure you are all well aware. As always, I'll focus my commentary on the creative realm with good news and announcements of upcoming events, in the belief that music, poetry and art really do change the world for the better. Be well, be in touch and enjoy your November A 440 Newsletter in joy!Nakai, Eaton & ClipmanMy two favorite words: two SOLD OUT shows at Old Town Center for the Arts followed by a SOLD OUT show at The Musical Instrument Museum Theater bode well for [...]

Refreshing the Image Pool: Your October 2022 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~I can't explain how we got to this moment so suddenly; but indeed it is the first day of the tenth month of the current year, and so it's high time for me to deliver your October 2022 A 440 Newsletter. As always, it is my intention to entertain, uplift, inspire, share a smile. . . and above all to connect with YOU in a spirit of gratitude and generosity. Be well, be in touch, and most of all BE!Spiral RendezvousThe fifth and finest Canyon Records studio album by R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton & Will Clipman is [...]

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