Solstice Full Moon Greetings: Your New A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~As we in the northern hemisphere greet the earliest summer solstice in over two centuries, by the light of an extremely rare solstice full moon, on the hottest day of this year so far in the Old Pueblo at 111 degrees, there is much coolness to share with gratitude and generosity here in Willyworld. News of the wider world will find you as it always does, and needn't be amplified or interpreted by this humble narrator; instead, enjoy a visit to the oasis of creativity you've come to know as your A 440 Newsletter.Be well and be in [...]

What May Be: Your New A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~May always feels like a month of possibility to me. As you know, early Spring has been extraordinarily engaged and engaging here in Willyworld thus far; so my intention for all of us is that we may continue creating beauty and sharing the best of ourselves as the Summer Solstice grows nearer, and that we may approach the longest day of the solar year in balance and harmony. Enjoy both the timeliness and the timelessness of what may be in this new issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Be well and be in touch!Jaguar RisingOn Saturday May 11th, [...]

Springing Forward: Your New A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~With the passage of the Vernal Equinox and the rising of the Wind Strong Moon, the arrival of Spring has brought abundant blessings of rain to northern Sonora, and an abundance of good news to share in this spontaneous new issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Be well and be in touch!New ReleasesI wanted to call it Rob + Will. Rob wanted to call it Will + Rob. We arm wrestled for it. Rob won. Wait for Me, the first album collaboration between pan-global percussionist & drummer Will Clipman and virtuoso violinist & upright bassist Rob Paulus officially [...]

Mid-Winter Musings: Your NEW A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~Having sent one out every month for a decade, I'm taking this year off from my regular A 440 Newsletter; instead, I'll share a more intuitive missive like this one now and again, when inspiration coincides with time and energy and there is simply too much beauty in Willyworld to keep to myself. I trust this new way of connecting will resonate with you. Be well and be in touch!Nakai & ClipmanViva Las Vegas! takes on a whole new meaning when R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman bring their never-ending Awakening the Fire tour to the Winchester Dondero [...]

Close to the Hearth: Your December 2023 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~It's a cold, gray, rainy day in the Sonoran Desert: the perfect opportunity to hunker down in the home office with a hot mug of cinnamon apple spice tea and send out your December 2023 A 440 Newsletter. They say good time passes quickly, so by that measure this year has been oh so good; time now to wind things down, lay the groundwork for a peaceful and prosperous 2024, and savor the flavor of the winter solstice holiday close to the hearth. Be warm, be well and be in touch!New STC SingleTrue to form, this year's twelfth [...]

Harvesting Abundance: Your November 2023 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~What a powerful time in The Old Pueblo, with the full Hunter's Supermoon, All Soul's Day and Dia de los Muertos aligning as the Sonoran Desert turns a cool, crisp, golden autumnal hue; and what a turbulent time of transformation all around our little oasis in space. It's been a time to harvest the creative abundance of long-nurtured seed-plantings coming to fruition here in Willyworld, with a mindful balance of gratitude and generosity. Enjoy all the good vibes and good news in this November issue of your A 440 Newsletter!~Be well and be in touch~STC SingleAscending Atlas, the [...]

Simply Scintillating: Your September A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~As we emerge from a long, hot summer (including the hottest month ever recorded in July, both here in The Old Pueblo and on Planet Earth) and arc toward the turning point of the autumnal equinox, allow me to contribute a few cool new items to your list of fall festivities, along with your Poem of the Month and your Photos of the Month, in this simply scintillating September issue of your A 440 Newsletter. Be cool and be in touch!STC SingleIt's the first of the month, and you know what that means: a new STC single drops [...]

Once in a Blue Moon: Your August 2023 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~This month will be a skywatcher's delight, with the Full Sturgeon Supermoon on August 1st and the Blue Supermoon on August 30th; indeed, a full day of monsoon storm clean-up here at Rancho Improvisoso today has necessitated an evening full moon A 440 session, so those of you in other hemispheres may awaken to yours tomorrow rather than ending your day with it today. It will be a month full of musical magic and mystery here as well. Round all that out with your Poem of the Month and a hand-picked portfolio of Photos of the Month and [...]

Illuminating News & Views: Your July 2023 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~Based on the sheer volume and variety of your July Photos of the Month, you could be forgiven for assuming that all we do is roam around Rancho Improvisoso all day every day taking nature pictures; actually, it's been a most eventful and productive couple of months here in Willyworld since your combined May/June issue, with a balanced blend of touring, local gigs, personal creative work and major home improvements. That said, the blessings of nature have indeed been abundant here in the Sonoran Desert as summer unfolds, and continue to provide us with daily inspiration. Enjoy the [...]

What May Be: Your May/June 2023 A 440 Newsletter

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Greetings, One & All~Simply allowing what may be to be? Yikes! That sounds so simple, and yet it may be hard to actually do. I'll try in this May/June issue of your A 440 Newsletter, crossing the arbitrary boundary between calendar months to bring you all the High Spring news that's fit to print before the breathtaking stillness of the Sonoran summer arrives with the Solstice. Be well and be in touch!Single of the MonthYour favorite contemporary instrumental worldbeat fusion trio STC continues to deliver its monthly musical manifestation with the May 1st drop of its new single When They Arrive, [...]

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